Thomas A. Jennings, Ph.D.

Thomas A. Jennings, Ph.D., is an expert in vacuum technology and lyophilization. His work in low temperature properties of formulations, the development of the lyophilization process and the performance characteristics of dryers is particularity noteworthy. Dr. Jennings has focused on lyophilization for more than thirty years. He worked for several years for one of the largest manufacturers of freeze-drying equipment before founding his own company in 1978. He formed a new firm, Phase Technologies, Inc., in 1990, with the vision of transforming lyophilization from an art to a science..

Thomas A. Jennings holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Aston, Birmingham, England and a BA and MA in chemistry from Temple University. He has been awarded numerous patents and has been recently issued two patents from the US Patent Office involving new technology for determining the moisture content in dried products and elastomer materials. He is the author of numerous technical publications involving the lyophilization process and freeze-drying equipment and instrumentation. He received the Fred Simon award for the outstanding technical paper published in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology for 1995. He is the author of the book Lyophilization - Introduction and Basic Principles published by Interpharm Press in 1999. At present, he is serving a three year term as President of the International Society of Lyophilization - Freeze Drying, Inc.

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